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Popular programs include


Stories of Gutsy Girls & Wise Women


String Stories


Trickster Tales


Folktales from Around the World


Michigan Facts & Fables


Beaver: Michigan’s Velvet Gold


Ghost Stories


Medieval Legends & Ballads


Myths from Ancient Civilizations


Weaving, Spinning & Fiber Tales


Grant Funding is available for schools and non-profit organizations through
the Michigan Arts and Humanities Touring Program.

For further information contact:
Michigan Humanities Council
119 Pere Marquette, Suite 3B
Lansing, MI 48912-0027
Phone (517) 372-7770 – FAX (517) 372-0027
or Michigan Humanities Touring Grants

Workshop topics include

Airing Out the Attic
Creating fresh and vibrant versions from those ‘oldie, moldy’ folktale collections

String Things… stories, games, and fun!
String stories are fun …and aren’t as hard as they might seem!

Beyond the Sword Maiden
Finding and developing stories of those gutsy girls and wise women in folklore and history

A Trickster Up Your Sleeve
Take a closer look at the trickster, that sage and fool found within every culture

Let Me Tell You A Story!
Storytelling methods – basic skills to perfecting your performance

Getting the Shoe to Fit
Adapting stories to fit personal style, time limits, and themes

In Search of Family Gems
Developing your family’s stories

3 Dimensional Storytelling
Creating well rounded and vibrant characters, setting and plot

Always a Learning Experience
Performance coaching, critique and discussion of what to do differently next time

Pushing Your Art: Examining Artistic Process
A humorous and insightful look into the artistic process, inspiration and experimentation of a textile artist

Spinning Straw into Gold
A hands-on exploration of the fiber, tools and skills (weaving, spinning, dyeing) found in folktales