CD Review
Still a bit of sugar but even MORE SPICE
   More Stories of Gutsy Girls & Wise Women

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by Lynne Heffley ©2000 Parents’ Choice


Girls-smart and gutsy-are at the center of these highly entertaining fairy tale adventures told by powerful storyteller Barbara Schutzgruber. When Schutzgruber spins her conversational yarns about giants, quests, carnivorous pumpkins, gnomes and enchanted bears, you can imagine yourself listening by firelight on the edge of some enchanted forest, where anything is possible, especially if you’re a girl. As “smart, brave, clever” Molly inches a magic ring off a sleeping giant’s finger, Schutzgruber’s voice drops to a tantalizing whisper; when the giant wakes up, the whisper becomes a roar. She gives a lively re-telling of Grimm’s “Snow White and Rose Red,” and she adds a humorously spooky touch to “The Insatiable Pumpkin,” about a spoiled little girl who suffers the unfortunate consequences of getting everything you want, until a wise old woman sets things right.