“Her sly elastic voice in her spontaneous, slightly slangy style
insures that these slick tales of slick folks will slide down easy.”

– Parents’ Choice

“The evening was both a demonstration and inspiration
…as well as very entertaining.”

– Hy Kornbluh & Rae Sovereign, Labor Studies Center University of Michigan

“Barbara has the world on a string and a trickster up her sleeve…”
– Corn Island Storytelling Festival

“…stories and songs which are enhanced by her melodic voice and flawless
pacing…stay with the listener long after the tape ends.”

– American Library Association

“…a group of business women had dinner then listened, attention rapt…”
– Warren Weekly

“Thank you for coming and telling us those wonderful stories.
They were the best stories I’ve ever heard.”

– Student, Roosevelt Elementary School

“When Schutzgruber spins her conversational yarns…
you can imagine yourself listening by firelight on the edge
of some enchanted forest, where anything is possible, especially if you’re a girl.”

– Lynne Heffley, Parents’ Choice Review Still a bit of sugar but even MORE SPICE
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“You’ll like these stories;
they lend themselves to various levels of interpretation
making it possible for you to ‘hear what [you] need to hear.’
And you’ll like Schutzgruber’s clear, well paced, crisp telling.”

– Joy Pennington, Tale Trader Review Ladies’ Night Out
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